New Orleans is one of the culinary capitals of the U.S., with a cuisine entirely its own reflecting the city’s Cajun, Creole, and French roots. Growing up in NOLA, food was always the focal point of every gathering, and there were many because New Orleanians will make up any reason to celebrate! We are a proud people with an enormous amount of pride in our unique cuisine that is beloved throughout the world.

Creole for the Soul, LLC embodies this pride, and is devoted to sharing the love of Cajun and Creole cuisine with the masses. Pulling from the cooking influences of my mama and late grandmother, I focus on classic dishes native to Louisiana, and traditional soul food with a Cajun twist.

I firmly believe Cajun and Creole food has the power to heal, to bring people together, and to lift the spirits of everyone at the dinner table. I’m dedicated to sharing our food that is humble and designed to be intimately enjoyed in homes with loved ones.

I welcome you to explore the site and discover how you can bring the taste of New Orleans into your kitchen to feed to the souls of those dear to your heart.

– Devin A.A. Smith
Owner and Chef, Creole for the Soul, LLC

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